By Ronaldinho Into Frank Worthington

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Chelsea won the League Cup and another league fixture, while Barcelona won and drew before the teams met again. But though they were in shape, they couldn't prevent the fight's lure. The house side completed things before the visitors knew something was to complete, pasting house three goals within the first 19 minutes. But in the box, Paulo Ferreira handled on 27 minutes and Ronaldinho -- that had shown his versatility, powering a header wide -- stepped up to take the penalty.

To the left, Cech stood from the Chelsea net, offering the right, and he was refused by Ronaldinho about finding the corner. On 38 minutes, a ball that Terry nodded out was posted by Belletti; clearly a trap was tried by Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho feinted to take by means of dancing move, transmitting a groove that was climbing through hand, knee, ankle and hip, right into a swagger and pivoting on his left, waving his right foot. In response, a transfixed defence did nothing so, on his way back down to the ball, he paused for effect before swiping a curling toe-bunger without a follow-through at an angle so unlikely, with leadership so exact, that none of those men between him and goal could pay it. Did the shot zoom to the side of the net. sbobet casino

For a split second, there was silence, as reality, there was a goal not even in contemplation and the place of ball and players gave no clues as to how it had occurred. Well, Ronaldinho had occurred, and football had occurred. One that distinguishes it from other sports, A beauty of this game, is that it isn't repetitive like cricket and tennis, not prescriptive like American and rugby football, not restrictive like basketball and ice hockey. Broadly speaking, there 22 players on the pitch, and even though they are subject to legislation, positions, strategies and formations, within those frameworks they have leeway to turn up wherever the drama takes them, which is to say that the game offers numerous moving parts, there's unmatched variety in the miracle it depends upon us.

By Ronaldinho into Frank Worthington through the slipping header of Gianluca Vialli, we select inimitable strikes that are half-a-dozen we see goals that are unlike some others. Romario was famous for his toe-punts, and Ronaldo scored a wonder in the 2002 World Cup against Turkey -- as it arrives in a ball than instep or laces, the method is popular in futsal. But they are enshrined within the selection of alternatives, though these shots may surprise at the moment and need no explaining.

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Ronaldinho, on the other hand, shifted except what he'd stayed impossible after he'd completed it, far beyond the contemplation mind implementation, of anyone what was possible. His skill was that of a confidence trickster, when they relaxed into joy before putting them in the 30, drawing suspecting victims into an misdirection. "Oh look, Ronaldinho's dance on the pitch! Darlingly daring! How harmlessly magical!" We thought as he put up us; "Oh", we then found ourselves believing as he knocked us down. Nothing was too showy when piss-taking was in progress and nothing was too easy. In case, a winner was found by Chelsea and progressed but the tie occupies a room in the memory bank for one reason and one reason only: that the goal. And he taught us not just to tackle a life, and to handle football, although to tackle a football.

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